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There are some extremely good pest control companies and some that leave a lot to be

desired. So how do you find the right one? Pest Control costs can vary enormously, there are

simple jobs and there are highly complex jobs. Here are some of the more common ways the

not so good help themselves to more of your money.

1. Some companies quote low costs but avoid telling the customer that they are only quoting

for a call out. They avoid making the true cost clear.

2. Some companies work on commission, this may cost you more for unecessary work.

3. When they arrive they claim that they cannot ‘guarantee’ the job unless you pay

additional costs. 

4. Some arrive to do a simple job and claim they need ‘special equipment’ to complete it,

incurring you extra costs.

5. Many customers are vulnerable when they have a pest problem. Some companies use hard

sell, using your fears as leaverage to get more money out of you. Do not be rushed into a

decision. Have a friend with you.

6. Some companies send out Salesmen to assess what seems to be a simple job. Though some

jobs do require and inspection, expect to pay more if the Salesman is on commission.

7. Passing off: where a trader advertises with a similar name to a reputable company and

passes themselves off as the company with the good reputation.

8. Some pest control ‘businesses’ are purely call centers and farm out work to whatever pest

controller they can find in your area who is willing to pay a fee to them for your details. It is

unlikely they have checked the competancy of the pest controller. He will arrive having paid

for your details and will charge you more, firstly to cover the fee and secondly to make some

money for himself.

Questions to Ask

Ask yourself: Does the person sound knowledgeable? Is the quotation for the total cost of the work? Is the business a member of a Trade Organisation? Do they have insurance? Who have they worked for in the past? Are they genuinely CRB checked? Where are they actually based? Could you go and knock on their door? Do they put you at ease? Do you feel pressured into signing for the job? Do a little research first.

Remember a good pest controller

will love to talk to you about his

job, he will know all about the

biology of the pest species and the

materials he uses. Above all, he will

put you at ease, tell the odd tall

story that is probably true, crack a

joke, do a good job and give value

for money. He will then hope that

you will recommend him to the

people you know.

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