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Media Induced Hysteria.

Remember the False  Widow spider stories in the press a few month ago? In the first week that the ‘story’ made headlines we fielded over 30 calls for the very same problem. In the past there have also been stories about ‘Super Rats’ and the deadly ‘German Wasp’ invader. The BBC ran an article on the rise of Bed Bug infestations during one of their Breakfast shows. The phone didn’t stop ringing that day, everyone it seemed had them, 99% were false alarms and panic. So time to put things into perspective. They might have a good football team but the ‘German’ wasp is no less susepitable to insecticides as our home grown versions are. 1-0 to us.   While rodents can develop resistance to a particular rodenticide the pest controller has a varied arsenal of tricks up his sleeve. Also resistance to a particular product does not mean it has immunity. Bedbug numbers have increased. This is down to the fact that we have become more mobile, go on holiday more often, travel to distant shores and move to other countries for work. Infestations have been found in numerous places, trains, buses, hotels and even passenger aircraft. Put into perspective though, the numbers tiny fraction of the number of household infestations of rats. or mice, or ants. If you are one of the unlucky few, a thorough and comprehensive treatment will sort the problem out. The downside of course is the cost for treatment. Remember; bedbugs have to be brought into a house, they don’t fly in or materialise from outer space.

Global Changes in Weather.

Pest Problems are no longer as seasonal as they once were, wasps have been known to survive into December, ants are active even in January. Over the last 20 years pest problems are no longer seasonal and have been harder to predict. 2012 started off mild and there was a warm March. After that it was downhill, freezing cold and one of the wettest years on record. Insect call outs were at a minimum across the country, especially for wasps and ants. Last year was of course a better year for the pest controller, but it will be impossible to predict what 2014 will bring. Is this an indication of global warming or just the normal rythms of nature. I will leave that for you to decide.

False  Widow Spider

How many people have died of a false widow spider bite in the UK? None have been  documented. Ok so the bite might be a bit like a wasps sting if you poke one in the eye, pull its pigtails or call it nasty names. Otherwise they are not aggressive.

Bedbug and blood spots on mattress

Staying at a Hotel? Why not make a quick check of the mattress before you sleep in the bed. Tell tale signs are these blood spots, live bed bugs are visible to the naked eye. I’d worry more about travelling on the tube than finding one of these in my bed.
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